LED tubes SubstiTUBE

LED tubes

LED tubes: Power savings up to 69 %

The quick and easy alternative to T8 fluorescent tubes

Highly efficient replacement for T8 fluorescent lamps with CCGs

Switch to instant, flicker-free light with the all-new OSRAM SubstiTUBE Star range

OSRAM LED tubes provided by LEDVANCE are suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps used in luminaires equipped with magnetic ballasts, so-called CCGs. A luminaire with a magnetic ballast can be recognized by the fact that the fluorescent lamp flickers after a cold start and requires a separate starter.

Even just replacing one conventional T8 fluorescent lamp with a 1.5 m long SubstiTUBE Star LED tube achieves an electricity cost saving of approximately € 12.60 per year. Energy efficiency that pays off straight away.

High efficiency and good value for money

Profit from huge cost savings

  • Energy savings up to 69 %
  • Up to 30 years lifetime
  • Available in three different lengths and two light colors

  • 100 % instant light without flickering
  • Simple to replace and mercury-free

Various examples for LED tubes application areas

LED tube OSRAM SubstiTUBE Star

SubstiTUBE Star

Glass instead of plastic: The new T8 LED Tube in three lengths

  • High Flux and Efficiency (up to 85 lumens per watt)
  • Quick start without delay and flickery
  • High color homogeneity
  • RoHS-conformity, no mercury
  • Extremely robust due to glass body
  • Fully integrated ECG complies to relevant standards
  • Overpower, overheat and short circuit protected
  • Look & feel of fluorescent lamps
  • Three lengths: 590, 1200 and 1500 mm
  • Stable product packaging for safe transport and handling
  • 3 years guarantee
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