LED panels - ultra-flat and ultra-modern

PLANON Frameless

Prestigious light panels in fully frameless design

PLANON Frameless

Square or rectangular

Nothing but light: the new PLANON Frameless allows the entire body of the luminaire to be used as an illuminating surface. Like all PLANON luminaires, the frameless models are also eye-catchers with their especially flat design and uniform light distribution. Apart from the ultra-modern design, which blends seamlessly into the widest variety of environ ments, the effi ciency is also compelling – thanks to cutting-edge LED technology.

Product features:

  • Aesthetic living room lighting
  • For easy wall and ceiling installation
  • White metal housing and diffuser made from frosted PMMA
  • Available in different edge lengths, square and rectangular in shape
  • In addition to the warm white variant (3,000 K), also variants with controllable color temperature (3,000–5,000 K and RGB)


Truly exceptional in all facets: round light panels


Aesthetic, powerful, versatile

PLANON ROUND luminaires enhance every ambiance thanks to their minimalist design and their exceptional shape for light panels. Their frosted PMMA diffuser ensures unique distribution of light, while their frame made from white painted aluminum showcases the quality of the PLANON ROUND to perfection, even when switched off. The LED panels can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Product features:

  • Round LED panels with 400 or 600 mm diameter
  • Light colors 3,000 or 4,000 K
  • Complete mounting and connecting accessories included
  • 3-year guarantee

PLANON PURE Recessed Ceiling Panels

Recessed panels with uniform light


Low installation height, high light quality

Built-in panels from the PLANON PURE series score points with their modern and elegant design and even room illumination. Thanks to a matte polycarbonate diffuser, the cosy light shines optimally in the room without dazzling. The PLANON PURE built-in panels are equipped with modern, energy-saving LED technology, and their low installation height makes them sleek and stylish. The panels are available in six different sizes, allowing you to create your own individual light compositions. The assembly clips included in delivery make installation easy and ensure that the panels are held securely in place.

Product features:

  • Housing: White
  • Diffusor: Frosted polycarbonate
  • Puristic design
  • Highly uniform light
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Complete mounting and connecting accessories included

PLANON PLUS Mounted Ceiling Panels

Very flat LED surface-mounted luminaires with unique and simple assembly


The simplest of all panel solutions

The modern mounted panels in the PLANON PLUS series infuse interior spaces with even, comfortable light. Their elegant design with a matte polycarbonate diffuser is very flat – and installing the luminaires is a piece of cake thanks to the pre-assembled kit. PLANON PLUS mounted panels are available in six different sizes, giving you the flexibility you need to tailor your luminaires to your space. What’s more, the 60x60cm and 30x120cm versions are also available as a remote CCT variation, which allows you to control the luminaires with the remote control included with your delivery. With these panels, controlling light intensity and power consumption is practical and easy.

Product features:

  • Housing: White
  • Diffusor: Frosted polycarbonate
  • Elegant and sleek design with extremely homogeneous illumination
  • Also available as CCT-DIM
  • Remote control for operating up to 4 panels with CCT-DIM functionality (2700 – 6500 K)
  • Mounting requires only one person and is very quick and easy
  • Included: Pre-assembled mounting kit, screws, dowels, remote incl. batteries (only remote control types)


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