Light is personal

Get in touch with our new OSRAM Lamps campaign by LEDVANCE

“Light is Personal” is a new campaign from LEDVANCE to raise awareness of how important light is in all our lives.

Light affects our most intimate moments, from reading a bedtime story to our children to sharing a romantic meal with a loved one.

Light has a personal impact on us all. It influences our environment, our mood and our wellbeing. But light can often be overlooked when we forget to change a lightbulb or are confused about which lightbulb to buy.

The Light is Personal campaign will explore our relationship with light, highlight our lifestyle habits as well as lighting challenges and offer hints, tips and advice on how to make the most of lighting in our homes. The campaign launches with a study into 2000 people’s lighting habits which found lighting has a big impact on our wellbeing and reflects our different moods and home preferences.

The research findings will be highlighted on OSRAM Lamps Facebook and Twitter social pages run by LEDVANCE alongside tips and home lighting advice, from how to save energy using OSRAM LEDs to how to ensure perfect lounge lighting. A radio campaign will explore how we are all lighting designers in our own homes, whether we know it or not, with insight from former X-Factor lighting designer, Roger Williams.

To further highlight that Light is Personal, an Instagram photography competition will launch for people to enter their most powerful and beautiful #lightispersonal photos, with the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Amsterdam’s annual Festival of Light. Additional competitions to win OSRAM products will run across social channels and online media titles.

Pamela Fossey, LEDVANCE national account manager, said: “We spend on average 87 per cent of our time inside; therefore especially in winter there is a real need to think about how we can make the most of the lighting available to us in order to gain the most benefit.

“This January is an ideal time to think more about light and how it is helping or hindering your home life, for example: does the light in your bedroom provide a relaxing environment and is the light in the kitchen bright enough for preparing meals? Light is personal and by making just small tweaks to your lighting can have a big impact on how it could make family members feel.”