Product specialists

Product specialists

A team of experts from various technological fields

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of lighting! Light – the focus of our operations – comes in many different facets.

Our product portfolio ranges from LED luminaires to LED lamps and also includes Smart Home lighting as well as online configurators. In hotels, shops, office buildings, industrial warehouses, parking facilities or private homes: LEDVANCE offers customized lighting solutions for all your applications. But the exciting journey of LEDVANCE has only just begun: Did you know, for example, that light can influence various hormones in our body? Especially the “sleeping hormone” melatonin and the “activity hormone” cortisol have an impact on our blood pressure, heart rate, vitality and mood. This means that light directly influences our activities and – let’s be honest – our performance and concentration, too. The technical prerequisites for developing lighting solutions and products focusing on these factors already exist today – but at LEDVANCE we’re refining these even more. Our product experts show their huge passion for light by developing and improving our innovative portfolio.

Product specialists

We proudly present

We can rely on a team of experts from various technological fields: Based on their in-depth knowledge of our markets, customers and products, our product managers provide fresh impetus for innovation. And thanks to their excellent expertise, our procurement specialists know exactly how and where to find high-quality commodities and services from countries all around the globe. Our Logistics and Supply Chain Management team controls a complex network of customers, warehouses, factories, suppliers and transport service providers to guarantee that the right products are available to our customers – in line with the specified conditions, in the right quantity, in the right place, at the agreed cost and at the right time. At our plants, thousands of employees are committed to efficient and sustainable production. But this would not be possible without sophisticated manufacturing processes continually optimized by our planners.

And of course, let’s not forget our electrical engineers, information specialists, software developers, physicists, and also our system architecture and integration specialists working in research and development: They all contribute to making our lamps and luminaires smarter and smarter every day. Our Innovation Managers, for example, are in charge of state-of-the-art lighting solutions – including Human Centric Lighting (HCL), a biologically effective light with a positive effect on our well-being, mood and motivation.

Product specialists

What we expect from you / What you can expect from us

Our product experts stand out thanks to their in-depth knowledge and all-encompassing expertise. Curiosity and creativity, along with analytical thinking, solution-oriented working and a proactive approach are the keys in all of these areas. But the so-called soft skills are important, too – including team spirit, strong communication skills and of course keeping a cool head, even under the pressure of tight deadlines. Our product experts never lose track of our customers. They follow a solution-oriented, customer-focused approach at all times, because this is what it takes to develop creative products that spark people’s enthusiasm.

The facts speak for us

LEDVANCE was ranked among Europe’s top ten luminaire providers in record time and we’re on the way to taking a leading position in this global growth market. The driving forces behind this specific growth are the continuous extension of our portfolio, our focus especially on user friendliness and our high-quality product design.

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