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LEDVANCE extends SubstiTube family of LED tubes with four models for different application areas

LED replacements of fluorescent lamps provide exciting features and significant energy savings

LEDVANCE’s LED lamp portfolio already comprises a wide selection of high-performance and durable LED SubstiTubes – now, four models with new features have been added: the second generation of the SubstiTube T8 Connected, the SubstiTube T8 Motion Sensor, the SubstiTube T8 Universal and the SubstiTube T5 Universal. Combined with the new generation of the connected sensors from LEDVANCE, the second generation of the T8 Connected allows for professional wireless light management via Zigbee 3.0. The T8 Motion Sensor has an integrated microwave sensor, and the models T8 and T5 Universal serve as powerful all-in-one replacements. The new portfolio of SubstiTubes comes in a glass design, which ensures that the tubes do not bend; a special PET coating provides shatter protection.

Second generation of smart SubstiTube T8 Connected and Connected Sensors

The second generation of SubstiTube T8 Connected LED tubes is an update of the already existing T8 SubstiTube Connected and specially developed for the use in car parks with several points of access, factories, warehouses, and corridors. With both the sensors and the SubstiTubes communicating via the new ZigBee 3.0 standard, large groups of up to 200 devices – tubes and sensors – can be wirelessly controlled to extend the presence detection and the corresponding automated lighting to cover large areas. For example, with sensors at several entrances and exits, the tubes can be automatically turned on in sync if someone enters the premises through one of the entrances. Therefore, the SubstiTube Connected is ideal to meet the specific lighting requirements in car parks.

Thanks to zonal dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight ambient setting, the intelligent system of new SubstiTubes Connected and sensors achieves significant energy savings compared to conventional fluorescent lamps.

The LEDVANCE Connected Sensors come in two variants for different installation heights: LB (Low Bay) for heights up to 4 meters and HB (High Bay) for heights from 4 up to 14 meters.

Smart energy saving with the SubstiTube T8 Motion Sensor

The new SubstiTube T8 Motion Sensor serves as a quick, simple and safe replacement of fluorescent lamps without having to rewire the conventional control gear (CCG). Further, the LED tube is equipped with an integrated microwave sensor with motion detection. The sensor operates at 5.8 GHz and, thanks to the microwave technology used, is also suitable for closed luminaires. If the sensor detects no movement for five minutes, the LED tube is automatically dimmed from 100 to 20 per cent light output. After a further two minutes without movement, the SubstiTube T8 Motion Sensor switches off completely – but without any loss of user comfort, because the LED lamp switches on again immediately at the slightest movement. The detection radius for movements depends on the respective installation height of the LED tube. The sensor can detect movements within a radius of up to five meters. Thanks to motion detection, the LED tube is also ideally suited for applications such as storage rooms, corridors, walkways or stairwells, as well as parking garages.

SubstiTube T5 and T8 Universal – The all-in-one replacement

The new SubstiTube T5 and T8 Universal convince as energy-efficient all-in-one solutions replacing traditional T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps. The LED tubes of both SubstiTubes Universal versions are made of glass, and bending is thus avoided. They can be used in sensitive areas thanks to a shatter protection film.

The new SubstiTube T5 Universal is the first of its kind in the market. The two different versions, SubstiTube T5 Universal High Output (HO) and High Efficiency (HE) replace conventional T5 fluorescent lamps and can be operated with both electronic control gears (ECG) or AC mains. Moreover, the new SubstiTube T5 Universal are particularly versatile: While the HO version has a high luminous flux of up to 5,600 lm for illuminating production halls and warehouses with high ceilings, the HE version focuses on cost-effectiveness with a high luminous efficacy.

The SubstiTubes T8 Universal can be operated with ECG, CCG and AC mains and are suitable for a range of different applications thanks to a selection of three different types: Advanced Ultra Output, Advanced and Value. With a long lifetime up to 60,000 hours and a lumen output up to 3,700 lm, the Advanced Ultra Output and the Advanced models are especially suitable for supermarkets, offices, industrial and public buildings, as well as the illumination of production areas. The Value version is an efficient all-in-one replacement alternative for application areas like corridors, stairways, parking garages and warehouses.

All in all, low maintenance costs due to an extremely long lifespan of up to 60,000 hours (L70/B50) and a very high luminous efficacy (up to 160 lm/W for the T8 Universal, up to 155 lm/W for the T5 Universal) ensure a high cost efficiency of the new SubstiTube T5 and T8 Universal. And thanks to the new Universal models working with ECGs and AC Mains (T5) or even CCGs, ECGs and AC Mains (T8) respectively, wholesalers do no longer need to keep different LED tubes for different driver technologies on stock.

All above-mentioned LED tubes for lighting professionals are marketed via wholesalers under the OSRAM brand while the sensors are available under the LEDVANCE brand.

You can find more information on the products here .

With offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. Having emerged from the general lighting business of OSRAM GmbH, LEDVANCE offers a wide-ranging assortment of LED luminaires for a broad spectrum of application areas, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, traditional light sources, electronic components and light management systems. In fiscal year 2017, LEDVANCE achieved a turnover of around 1.9 billion Euro. Based on an agreement with OSRAM, LEDVANCE will continue to use the trusted OSRAM brand for many of its products (SYLVANIA for the USA and Canada). Further information can be found at .

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