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Employees feel not sufficiently equipped for long-term home office

New survey from LEDVANCE analyzes the state of the (Corona-induced) home office and its impact on health, efficiency and equipment needs

Home office and its impacts

Almost every second employee in Germany that had to work minimum 30% of time in home office recently plans to continue working from home 80 percent of time or more, regardless of the developments around Corona according to a recent survey from LEDVANCE. As people spend more time working from home, the effects of not-alwaysideal equipped environments come to light much quicker: almost three quarters (74%) wish more health supporting equipment, while younger home workers even more strongly recognize the negative effects like tiredness or stress. 40 percent even think they could be more productive with a better setup at home. In turn, self-employed workers are better equipped for the long-term work at home and more satisfied with their situation. Besides the obvious must-haves, notebook and internet access, adequate lighting is seen as “not satisfyingly” implemented.

The freedom of working from home turned into a necessity over the last months to maintain operation for many businesses. Knowing that working from home will remain “the new normal” for longer than everyone expected, LEDVANCE wanted to re-assess what working from home means, what the current status quo is and where it may need improvement. As part of its representative survey in Germany, LEDVANCE covered two aspects: questions about general satisfaction and relevance of home office equipment as well as lighting-specific questions like the importance of lighting components.

Key findings include:

  • 44% of respondents plan to continue working from home 4 days a week or more.
  • Only 50% of the time in home offices is spent in a dedicated work room or work corner (65% among 50 - 60 years old participants). This applies mostly to male employees whereas women use kitchen or living room tables more often.
  • 74% would welcome more health supporting equipment form their employers and especially younger home workers recognize the negative effects of home office like tiredness and stress more strongly.
  • 40% of respondents think they could be more productive if they had better equipment at home.
  • Due to the higher relevance of home office equipment for their specific situation, self-employed home workers have a higher price willingness, but are already more satisfied and are better equipped.
  • Good light (anti-glare, tiredness prevention) and plug & play functionality are the top 2 factors for home office lighting.

Survey details

LEDVANCE conducted the representative online survey (regarding age and gender) among 500+ participants from Germany aged 25-60 years (gender evenly split) in September 2020. 90% of the participants are employees, 10% self-employed. Of them, 96% work full-time, four part time and all are doing at least 30% of work at home. 22% of participants have an automotive background, 18% are in healthcare/ finance/ insurance and 16% from IT/ data processing. The remaining 44% work in public service, real estate, consulting and trade, among others.

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There is more to successfully working from home than having a desk and a laptop.

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