Living room with halogen lamps

Halogen lamps

Brilliant quality of light, a constant luminous flux and natural color rendering

A wide product range with brilliant quality

Brilliant quality of light, a constant luminous flux and natural color rendering (Ra = 100) are typical features of halogen lamps. However, halogen lamps from OSRAM have an additional decisive advantage: Thanks to their high quality inert gas xenon and other technical modifications, they are more durable than standard incandescent and halogen lamps.

Wide variety, top brand quality: The OSRAM range of halogen lamps are a good argument. The clear segmentation helps you to quickly find your way around the point of sale and precisely locate the right lamp without the need for assistance.

Classically shaped halogen lamps with screw base

HALOGEN CLASSIC halogen lamps from OSRAM with an E14 or E27 screw base offer all the benefits of incandescent light and even more.

  • Instant 100 % light
  • 100 % dimmable
  • Up to twice the lamp lifespan compared to standard incandescent lamps

Halogen lamps with pin or plug base

OSRAM offers high-quality halogen lamps with pin or plug base for all requirements in the following quality grades:

  • HALOGEN SUPERSTAR: The resource-saving halogen lamps with brilliant light for you as a most discerning customer – with up to twice the lifespan of standard halogen lamps in the case of low-voltage lamps
  • HALOGEN STAR: The resource-saving halogen lamp with brilliant light for you as a cost-conscious customer – in practical twinpacks

Brilliant benefits: OSRAM halogen lamps refute every prejudice

Many false assumptions are made about halogen lamps:

“Halogen lamps are only available with plug base”

Whether for bedside lights, large table lamps or uplighters: OSRAM halogen lamps with screw base provide optimal light in a wide array of familiar luminaire designs.

“Halogen lamps get especially hot”

HALOGEN CLASSIC lamps from OSRAM do not get any hotter than standard incandescent lamps. The innovative design of the inner bulb (burner) limits the outward radiation of heat from the filament. This means that the outer lamp bulb gets less hot.

“Halogen lamps always need a transformer”

Halogen lamps from OSRAM are available for high and low-voltage applications. High-voltage lamps are suitable for direct operation on the mains power supply (230 V). Only low-voltage lamps with operating voltages of 6 V, 12 V or 24 V need to be connected to a transformer.

“Halogen lamps produce a cold light”

HALOGEN CLASSIC lamps from OSRAM create the same pleasant lighting atmosphere as conventional incandescent lamps.

“Halogen lamps are less environmentally friendly”

Halogen lamps from OSRAM do not contain mercury. The lamps can be disposed of in the household waste without problems.

“Halogen lamps cannot be dimmed”

All halogen lamps from OSRAM can be continuously dimmed – from 0 to 100 %.

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